In September 2017 we decided to review how we engaged in Professional Development at Tor Bridge High. After questioning staff it was felt there needed to be a more involved approach to developing best practice as teachers and teaching assistants. We decided to put action research right at the centre of our professional development – this blog was created so that we could share what we have found out from our action research with anyone whose interested.

In the academic year 2017-2018 staff were asked to form peer groups and focus on one of the schools priority areas. They were asked to look at what what the research was saying at the moment, develop an idea that they wanted to test and then carry out a mini action research project.

There is a huge amount of research available to schools – the difficulty is trying to work out what approach will make a difference in your school with your students, and this will change with the year, the class the teacher etc. etc….

This is a fundamental change to how we were engaging in professional development previously overall this has been a really positive.

Our four priority areas are;

Progress and Attainment of disadvantaged students.

Removing the Gender Gap in outcomes.

Performance of our Most Able students.

Excellence in Assessment

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