Excellence in assessment.

At the start of the year we wanted to review our assessment and feedback procedures to ensure that they were the most effective they could be. There has been a huge amount of discussion about assessment and feedback. The recent changes to many key stage 4 courses means accurate assessment has become more challenging. In addition there is a much needed conversation regarding marking and the work-life balance of teachers.

Our Assessment priorities are:

  • Meaningful feedback that is responded to by students and clearly improving the quality of the work.
  • Student ownership of marking.
  • Immediate feedback and whole class feedback to help motivation.
  • Raising expectations in success criteria and presentation.
  • Withholding assessment grades and focus on actions needed for improvement.

The research leads for this topic are Jen Claxton (Teacher of Technology) and James Thomas (Head of History). The action research projects that have been carried out have led to the school reviewing its whole policy on assessment. Whilst this really shows the impact of action research in schools, it also means we are still working on policy – we will share what this looks like when its done.

In the meantime please find a case study of one action research projects and a list of the action research areas below.


Case Study – Tor Emberson – Science Teacher

Structuring formative assessment to facilitate students ownership of progress

How did you come up with this Action Research title?

“As part of my continual CPD I organised a learning walk across other curriculum areas to see how other members of staff were collating assessment throughout the entire duration of the course…..this gave me ideas for developing the strategies we have in place in our department”

What do you personally hope to get from carrying out the action research?

“…develop our students independent enquirer skills…more efficient use of our feedback…ultimately to improve the use of lesson time.”

How have you found action research?

“I really enjoy Action Research, it gives me a reason to do some targeted reading to improve my own practice and trial ideas from the masses of pedagogy that is out there.”

For a full list of the Action Research areas that are being carried out on Assessment at Tor Bridge High please read on –  Continue reading “Excellence in assessment.”

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