Direct Questioning with Disadvantaged Student – Research 2017/18

Last year one of our Maths teachers, Matt Sims, carried out research into improving the performance of disadvantaged students. This is the summary of his project.

Research Question

Will direct questioning of Pupil Premium students and increasing parental contact improve their performance?


More questions were directed disadvantaged students during the lesson. At the same time the Connect Ed app was used to try to engage parental engagement.

Summary of what you did to adapt your practice

A laminated seating plan was produced highlighting Pupil Premium students and kept out of view of the class. This help to remind me which students to easily identify key students when asking questions. Resources and revision material was sent to parents via the MyEd app.

How did you review the impact of your research and what is your summary?

Summer GCSE results were used. In addition lesson observation showed an increased involvement from the students and the feedback from the parents was positive. Students were more involved and as a result their confidence increased. I would recommend the use of laminated seating plans and My Ed app with parents.

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